January Event will get your marriage and family on the right track!

cropped-LM_Logo_for_Facebook.pngLegacy Moms January Event is coming! 
 Here are the basics:
Monday, Jan. 30
7:00-8:30 pm
Stacy’s 3rd Floor Community Room
1900 S. Main
Grapevine, TX
Bring a journal and a friend!  Come as you are,  all moms welcome!
Want details?  Here they are:
Even the best marriages can end up in negative cycles that can damage the relationship and the family. You may not be in a negative cycle yer, but if you find yourself feeling frustrated, that you do everything and that your husband isn’t really plugged in as a dad, did you know there are a few small things that you can change that will have a HUGE impact on things?
Come join us as Kym Carter shares with us a concept and a strategy that will get your family headed on the right path for 2017.  We promise you find this topic relateable, refreshing and encouraging, and you will learn something that will make your family stronger than ever! 
As always, all moms are welcome.  If you are a Christian mom, a mom who is curious about raising your children with biblical principles, or you just really want to become the mom God created you to be and do what is best for your kids – Legacy Moms is for YOU!
We believe there is no way to be a perfect mom, but a thousand ways to be a great one, and the Bible has the answers we need!  Join us and meet other moms with the same struggles and goals you have and get the support you need.  Someone there needs YOUR support too!  This is not age-specfic – it is for ALL MOMS.  God calls older women to teach the younger women. If you have older kids, this is your chance to give wisdom to the younger moms! 


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