Legacy Moms April Event

(This is our last Monday night,  free event until September!)


Monday, April 29th

7-8:30 PM

Stacy Furniture 3rd Floor Community Room


Do you ever wonder if you are equipped and know enough to talk to your kids about faith and what it means to follow Jesus? Or do you just expect that they are learning what they need to know at church? It’s a big mistake to expect someone else to teach your kids about the Bible. The biggest impact is for kids to hear about God and learn about faith from Mom and Dad and we want to you to feel fully equipped and ready to take on the task.  Come Monday and we will teach you a simple way to share with your kids all they need to know about Jesus and living a life of faith in an age-appropriate, step-by-step way from birth to teens! You’ll even learn how to share your faith with anyone in an easy and non-threatening way, and you will know more about what it means to follow Christ if you are still trying to figure the whole faith-thing out! Everyone is welcome, invite a friend!  

Posted in Blog on April 22, 2013.

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